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          Creator of Commercial Space
          Transportation Systems

          1st Methane-fueled Rocket Launched into Orbit from This Planet
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          LandSpace Technology Co., Ltd. (LandSpace) was founded in 2015 and is a leading Chinese enterprise in the creation and operation of space transportation systems. It is dedicated to establishing a comprehensive industrial chain encompassing "research and development, manufacturing, testing, and launching," with a focus on medium and large Liquid Oxygen - Methane launch vehicles. LandSpace aims to create a technological hub in the space sector and provide highly cost-effective and reliable space transportation services to the global market.

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          The world's first LOX/LCH4 launch vehicle to orbit
          The first domestic civil and commercial liquid rocket that can be put into commercial operation
          The first domestic civil and commercial rocket based on self-developed liquid engine that has successfully entered orbit

          Green: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and pollution-free, representing the international trend in the development of new-generation Launch Vehicle technology
          Economical: Integrated Avionics, reducing propellant costs by 50%-90%
          Universal: standardization and generalization, with the types of parts and components in the whole rocket reduced by 50%

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          Total length of Vehicle 47.3m
          Rocket body diameter 3.35m
          Number of stages 2

          TQ-12A 80-ton LOX/LCH4 engine

          Verified through a twice-ignition test, it's designed for reuse

          On the basis of TQ-12, the thrust and specific impulse have been improved

          It adopts a tank head start method and incorporates features such as thrust adjustment and high-precision mixture ratio control

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          Sea Level Thrust 720 KN
          Sea Level Specific Impulse 2,840 m/s
          Height 2.2 m

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          We hold a leading position in the industry in terms of team size, professional experience, expertise composition, and talent pipeline development. Our expertise covers all aspects of rocket design, production, testing, measurement, and launching, enabling us to support continuous iteration and innovation of multiple product models.

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